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23 August 2016

Ordering protruding panels with GAVA Designer


You can also order protruding aluminium door panels through GAVAdesigner.

Go to Dimensions in Core, system and dimensions and just click to find the option to choose panels protruding from one or both sides.

Jadro,systém a rozmery

After selecting one of these options, images of panels protruding from one side or both sides will be shown + click on the leaflet with more detailed information about the product.An adhesive kit is automatically included with protruding panels.

Jednostranné predsadenie eFDObojstranné predsadenie bFD

*Red letters indicates a message telling you to enter the dimensions of the larger sheet.

*When the panel protrudes from both sides, the inside sheet is often larger while the exterior sheet is larger when the panel protrudes from one side. The dimensions of the larger sheet need to be entered because it determines any surcharge for excessive sizes. At this time, no trimming will be displayed correctly. Here it needs to be governed by the technical drawings for the door panel.

Choosing the type of protruding panel and correctly entering the dimensions of the larger sheet are the main steps for easy pricing of protruding door panels. All other detailed specifications will be requested when ordering.

After completing the order at Order, a window will appear for adding any necessary additional parameters to the order. These parameters may vary depending on the system chosen (sheet dimensions, interior sheet, protrusion dimensions, etc.).

Predsadenné dverné výplne GAVAdesignerPredsadenné dverné výplne GAVAdesigner

There is an image to aid in defining these parameters shown on the right-hand side.

Depending on the selected system, the following image will be shown:

Predsadenné dverné výplne GAVAdesigner- Jadro F s dodatkovým kotvením, OM systém, DUO systém

* For OM and DUO systems the DWG cross-section for the profiled system will also be requested. (Alternatively, there is also an option to save a file where parameters will be entered for milling openings for the locking unit, hinges, handles and other components.)


Prices set up in the program include the price for the adhesive package (two-component adhesive package).If a custom package is going to be delivered, make a note of it in the order.

How to calculate the thickness of door panels

Entering the correct thickness of the door panel is important. In many cases the profile system manufacture does not take into account adhesive layer thickness. Subsequently, the exterior sheet will not be flush with the leaf, and this may become an obstacle. Therefore, it is necessary to increase total thickness (ours by two millimetres).

Adhesive layer thickness = 2 mm
Exterior sheet thickness = 2 mm for door panels protruding on one side without glass and for door panels protruding on both sides.
Exterior sheet thickness = 3 mm for door panels protruding on one side with glass.The thickness of the interior sheet is two millimetres.
A three-millimetre sheet for both the exterior and interior sides can be arranged upon request. Please review price surcharges.

In designing total door panel thickness, check also the following dimensions:
- Glass sealing
- Glass stripping

Additional information

A new item Protruded panels has been added to the Menu. You will find here:

• Manuals: All necessary manuals to download

• Thickness calculation: Information mentioned above about calculating thickness

Predsadenné dverné výplne GAVAdesigner