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24 April 2016

Vertical grab for door panels

Vertical grab for door panels

Vertical grab for door panels

Vchodové dvere s HPL dvernou výplňou GAVA 913a

Currently, there is a growing trend for grab bars on entrance doors. At first impression, doors with grab bars look more luxurious, so they become a representative piece of the owner. They are also both aesthetic and provide greater comfort when opening and closing the door. The position of the grab bar can be adjusted either to specific needs or a customer’s wishes. The door grab bars can be used on the front doors of houses, residential units, offices, multipurpose buildings and at other places.

GAVA plast stocks not just popular circular cross-section grab bars, but also square-handle grab bars with square or rectangular cross-sections. Products are available at different lengths. These grab bars are made of stainless steel with a brush and matted stainless steel finish.

Either offset (curved) or vertical (straight) grab rails are available. Offset grab rails are designed for standard mounting on a door leaf, while vertical grab rails are only intended to be mounted on the surface of door panels (already produced) and cannot be mounted on door leaves. Grab bars mounted on door leaves are usually attached to steel reinforcement a standard 2-3 millimetres thick. Grab bars are mounted on the door panel to M8 x 20 mm steel nuts, and the applied force is transmitted from the nuts to a three-millimetre thick steel plate. This steel plate is designed for each door panel individually so that forces are not transmitted to the glass on the door panel, but rather to the larger area of the panel itself and then to the leaf profile.

Detailný pohľad na kolmé madlo H2

Vertical grab rails have several advantages over offset grab rails:

  • Vertical handles eliminate the diagonal stress on the anchor points to make the handle firmer and thus more resistant to shakiness
  • There is more space for hands near the lock to make unlocking the door more convenient
  • Embedded grab bars enhances the design of the panel

Technical requirements for door panel grab bars:

  • Door panel 36 millimetres or wider
  • Reinforcement under the grab bar in the panel core (order the reinforcement together with the panel as it cannot be fitted afterward)
  • Conditions for fitting the grab bar must be met: minimum 75 millimetres from the edge of the door panel and minimum 100 millimetres from the edge of the glass (final technical specifications for production)

The vertical grab rail type and position (including displacement) can also be entered in GAVAdesigner.