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Durability and quality

Building a house is typically a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is completely understandable that you expect quality entry doors to last for many years in everyday use. And it is precisely the long-term use of our door infill panels without loss of quality that we place the greatest emphasis on.

For 24 years we have been constantly improving things to achieve the best possible quality of our door infill panels.


    • the choice of material is the most important thing, that is why we do not make any compromises when choosing it

    • we use the highest quality materials intended exclusively for the production of door infill panels

    • we regularly and long-term test the materials outdoors as well as on devices intended for measuring thermal load


    • we have people who have been with us for more than 20 years and have irreplaceable experience

    • when selecting new people, we place the greatest emphasis on expertise and skill

    • we are constantly fine-tuning processes so that people have enough time to perform each operation correctly


    • we are the first company in Slovakia that focused on the production of door infill panels, and even renowned window manufacturers ask us for help with technical problems

    • even renowned window manufacturers ask us for help with technical problems

    • we regularly train assemblers to avoid incorrect assembly where properties deteriorate

    • we hold several patents for improving the properties of our door infill panels

    • we digitise every operation of our door infill panels, which allows us to detect poor quality in time and eliminate it


Safe front doors are the basis of every house today. Our aim is to eliminate the risk of burglary by more experienced thieves as much as possible, and therefore we focus on the production of entry doors that offer an enhanced level of protection.

How we continuously improve the security of our entry doors:

  • entry doors are normally fitted with a multi-point lock

  • on request we insert a high-quality and thick steel reinforcement into the door

  • we cut the steel infill to size with a laser to a specific dimension

  • upon request, for glazed infill panels, we insert safety glass

  • for safety we focus on infill processing technologye

  • upon request we deliver door infill panels with an RC3 security certificate

Check out some tips to increase the security of your entry door:

  • avoid all-glass doors which a thief can easily overcome

  • beware of the possibility of serious injury if the all-glass filling in the door is accidentally broken

  • choose high-quality security door fittings, which you can also find in our offer

  • you can order a handle with a fingerprint reader with monitoring of the entries to the house


The design of an entry door is one of the most important parts of the whole house. It is not for nothing that every owner of a new house brags about the appearance of their front door. That is why we ensure the design of our entry doors is modern and timeless.

How we approach the design of our entry doors:

  • most of the proposed designs are our own "GAVA Original" designs

  • we constantly follow the latest trends around the world and incorporate them into our designs

  • we stick to simple and clean lines so that they fit into the overall composition of the buildings

  • in our catalogue you can already find more than 400 different designs so you can choose your favourite

  • on request we can also produce your own design proposal (while maintaining technical standards)

What are the latest trends in creating the overall design of doors:

  • Raised infill panels – this is a design where the door infill panel covers the entire door sash and the door thus forms one beautiful unit

  • Dominant pulls – are among the most important design accessories for doors, which can also be placed on the infill panel to make unlocking more convenient

  • Modern glazing – in a suitable way, glazing complements the overall design of the door and can be made in various designs (from clear, to patterned, mirror to sandblasted)

We are extremely pleased that our door designs are often copied by other manufacturers as well, which shows we have design taste.


You will miss the noise of passing cars near your house or the screams of children on the street when you close our doors. We equip doors with a high-quality core, which serves as a great sound-insulating element that separates the exterior from the interior of the house.

If your house is located on a busy street, we recommend a few tips to prevent the passage of noise from the exterior:

  • it is necessary to choose a high-quality door infill panel that best eliminates the passage of sound from the exterior

  • infill panels with Core F provide standard outdoor noise insulation, or a superior solution with a reinforced steel plate

  • the best noise reduction results are achieved by double-sided overlapped door panels, which also have the best thermal insulation properties and they look good in terms of design


Entry doors are opened and closed dozens of times a day. Therefore, comfort in their use is a natural requirement of each of us. Over the many years of our experience, we have fine-tuned the comfort of using the door to the full detail.

Comfortable door use depends on 3 prerequisites:


    • doors with large dimensions have large inertial forces – moving and subsequently stopping such doors is not an easy matter if there are a large number of seals in the door

    • although the doors are better sealed, but subsequently a greater force must be overcome when opening them, therefore it is important to optimally "tune" them


    • the control elements must have enough room for the hand in the area of​the rosette and the pull so that the door is easy to use

    • the best spatial and ergonomic results are achieved by in fill panel with the pull located on the surface

    • when placing the pull we also pay attention to its mechanical load, which helps prevent damage


    • Motorized locks – you don't need to carry keys with you, just „move your finger" or turn on a mobile app

    • Fingerprint reader – integrated directly into the handle, which is a practical and at the same time very elegant solution

    • Remote access – with smart elements you can manage your access to the house and, for example, grant temporary access to the cleaner or a courier

    • Integrated back-lighting – the pleasant back-lighting of the pull can increase comfort when opening the door at night

Thermal comfort

Few people know that you can save on energy for heating by choosing the right entry door. Heat leakage often occurs through the front door. That is why we focus on insulators with low heat transfer and high thermal comfort.

What affects the transfer of heat through an entry door:


    • it is a good idea to choose the thickest possible door infill panel due to thermal resistance

    • today's standard is a thickness of at least 44 mm


    • the ideal solution is the use of single-sided raised door infill panels

    • however, the greatest thermal comfort is provided by double-sided raised door infill panels, which reach a thickness of up to 100 mm


    • so that the heat does not escape through the air flow through the seals, it is necessary to ensure that the door seals properly

    • the larger the door, the more difficult it is to ensure the complete flatness of the leaf relative to the door frame, where air can be blown at the same time

    • with larger doors, there is also a greater exchange when opening them air and thereby reducing thermal comfort

Good advice at the end - if the door is constantly locked, it presses with several contact points of the fittings and thus heat does not escape. This is what automatic locks are for, which you can find on offer from our partners..

Reasonable price

As a proud owner of a new front door, you also want to say - "I got a great deal". If you just list all the previous features, you will find that our products have high value, but we provide them at a reasonable price.

4 reasons for not focusing only on price when selecting an entry door:

  • high-quality materials and the use of new technologies have their price

  • doors are part of a rough structure and it is not easy to replace them afterwards, so you have to make the right choice from the beginning

  • choose only verified partners for the supply of entry doors,so that you do not have to pay over the long run for small savings at the beginning due to a bad choice

  • the entry door is one of the most important parts of the whole house, so it is not a good idea to save significantly on it

During our 24 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, we can always advise you on choosing the right door so that it also fits your budget. We offer a wide range of products with basic features up to demanding client requirements, but always at a reasonable price.